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Apprenticeship Levy Payers

How to use your Apprenticeship Service Account

Guide to setting up your Apprenticeship Service Account

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) have created Apprenticeship Service (AS) for all levy paying employers. As of May 2017, this will be how you officially select your chosen Training Provider(s) and record apprentices, in order to claim back the money you are paying against apprenticeship training. All levy paying employers and apprenticeship Training Providers will have access to the system. This document will guide you step by step through the necessary actions on AS to set up an account, register to access and manage your paid levy funds, select a provider and to input learners onto the system. Contracting with Grey Seal; Academy will take place prior to this activity and our standard onboarding process will run concurrently.

Setting up your Apprenticeship Service account

Your Apprenticeship Service Account will allow you to:
• receive levy funds for you to spend on apprenticeships
• manage your apprentices
• pay your training provider
• stop or pause payments to your training provider

In order to start using the system you will need to:
• create an account
• add organisations
• link your PAYE schemes
• invite members of your team to use the service

To begin, visit www.manage-apprenticeships.service.gov.uk. Once your account has been set up, you’ll be able to add other people from your organisation to access your account. You can choose different roles for them within your account to assist you in managing your levy funds and apprentices.

Selecting Grey Seal Academy as your Training Provider

The next step is to add Grey Seal Academy as a Training Provider. This will need to occur a minimum of six weeks prior to the apprenticeship start date. You will also need to have a contract in place with BPP and the ESFA before adding Training Providers and Apprentices to AS. You will need to know: Grey Seal Academy (see page 4) Which entity of your organisation the apprentice(s) will be employed by

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