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Managed Service Approach

The Grey Seal Academy apprenticeship managed service approach enables clients to maximise the potential they can release from publicly funded programmes and the apprenticeship levy.  We ensure you reap the full benefits from the levy and maximise the potential for your organisation and workforce.  Our programmes help clients attract and retain talent, professionalise the workforce and migrate existing learning and development activity to apprenticeship programmes.  We offer tailored solutions and ongoing support to employers to upskill new and exisiting staff using programmes that align to organisational goals and needs

We can

  • Deliver bespoke programmes that suit your business needs
  • Source, train and support apprentices joining your business or existing staff
  • Secure additional funding if required
  • Deliver commercial courses as required

Understand your Business

Gain a picture of your organisation through targeted discussion on where it is now including areas of concern and where it needs to be positioned in the future.  Discussing key areas of development, skills gaps and recruitment needs.  We can help you understand how apprenticeship programmes can be part of your long term solution

Agree Objectives and Set Direction

Grey Seals' design process begins with a session led by your dedicated Account Manager.  This session allows us to use the information gained whilst understanding your business to identify and prioritise key areas of development: this is used for us to agree objectivesand decide together on the direction for your apprenticeship programme, as well as how it will be rolled out.  In addition, we will look at your internal requirements, such as phased roll out to provide employees with a rich, rounded learning programme

Advise and Consult

Having gained a thorough understanding of your organisation we are able to advise on the best routes for your apprenticeship programmes.  Your Account Manager will elad a Grey Seal team to shape your apprenticeship programme and develop the overall approach in partnership with you, the client

Develop the Business Case and Buy-In

for your apprenticeship scheme to be a resounding success it needs internal buy-in.  Oyr next step in the design phase is to therefore ensure that your apprenticeship programme is supported within your organisation.  There can be an idea of apprenticeships as roles which are low skilled and vocationally based courses for young people.  However, the levy and other apprenticeship changes allow opportunities to expose a diverse range of people who require different skills to apprenticeship programmes

We use the knowledge of your culture and objectives gained in the initial consultations to help you develop a compelling narrative to support buy-in for the programmes accross the business, as well as targeted campaigns for different audiences

Design and Develop Solutions

Once the approach is established we will:

  • Design and develop the programmes
  • Source additional partners if required
  • Upskill and train the delivery team to meet the brief

Recruitment / Enrolment

Recruitment of new Apprentices to the organisation; we use a tailored approach to one off or bulk recruitment.  Using a range of resources locally and online e.g., job centre, commercial job boards, local paper, trade publications, apprenticeship site ... to attract candidates.  Once attracted appropriate shortlisting and interviewing through to job offers and rejection.  This can be as part of the service that Grey Seaql offer or at additional cost depending on the routes taken.  Grey Seal have a sister organisation - Grey Seal Recruitment

Enrolment of existing staff will include points in the buy-in section above as well as ensuring individual staff meet funding and course criteria, completing administration and developing an individual learning plan


Delivery methods are varied and can be tailored by organisation, programme and even for individual learners.  Some common components are:

  • Delivery is most likely to take place at the learners workplace
  • Each learner will have a dedicated trainer who will get to understand their individual needs
  • Use of an online portfolio that is accessed by the learner and their work contract - this could be a line manager, HR representative, mentor ...
  • Face to face contact e.g., workshops or one to one
  • Remote training and assessment via telephone, webinar, skype ...
  • Access to learning materials - electronic or paper to suit
  • The Grey Seal internal quality assurance team will regularly check progress against plan and milestones
  • Regular reviews with individual managers about their team and top level MI and reviews on progress and spend

Evaluate and Refine

We believe quality is established through rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement.  We take all feedback seriously and have a range of opportunities to gather feedback from all stakeholders.  This allows constant review and refinement of the programme to meet requirements as well as changes within the organisation over time














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