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Apprenticeship Delivery is Changing

There is a common misconception that apprenticeships are just for entry-level staff usually school / college leavers, however this is not the case: apprenticeships can be used to support new employees or people who are already employed by the organisation: perhaps to develop through change, promotion, sideways move, additional responsibilities etc


Structure: Frameworks and Standards

Frameworks have been used in recent years and consist of a bundle of qualifications wrapped up in an apprenticeship.  Aside form the Maths, English and ICT elements the qualifications are generally continuously assessed.  However the new apprenticeship standards although will often have an ongoing project will have a series of end point assessments such as exam, observation and discussion. EPA is undertaken by an organisation independant from the training provider and an apprentice can pass, fail or gain a credit / distinction.

Both types are still in use however Grey Seal would generally recommend using the standard if there is one in use.  Grey Seal also uses any opportunity to match and apprenticeship programme to your existing L&D activity

Apprenticeships pffered range from entry-level to degree level and cover e.g., customer service, IT, management and leadership, sales, digital marketing, retail, warehouse, manufacturing, administration...


Linking the Apprenticeship Programme to your Organisation

Prior to starting the apprenticeship the job role is mapped to the programme.  The trainer will work closely with the line manager for example if a customer service apprentice needs to learn how to answer inbound customer calls effectively and start by answering simple queries, taking messages and logging the call.  The line manager will work with them on your organisations particular procedures and systems.  The Grey Seal trainer can pick up learning around data protection, customer journey, communication skills, dealiing with difficult situations etc

Another example is with a team of department managers, in this suituation we may look at workshops interspersed with one to one coaching.  There are ways to ensure it is effective for learner and employer for example we may have details of organisational 'issues' from senior management / HR such as recruitment, retention, absence, discipline, health and safety etc. Each manager could take a relevant issue and using tools we can teach map where their team fall short, then plan their approach to addressing the shortfall, review and implement, review and report back challenges and success at each stage to their peers / senior management. We would be looking to instill knowledge and skills within broad processes such as research, communication, team work, giving and using feedback constructively, project management etc whilst still remaining very relevant to the individuals and organisation. This is one of the many ways Grey Seal can deliver management training that develops management and leadership skills as well as developing the team and addressing core organisational issues

Your account manager will liaise between Grey Seal staff and you to ensure the mmost effective delivery to not only pass the course but also to benefit the organisation and make training relevant



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